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Cryptocurrencies News:

  • Citizen Bitcoin - Robert Breedlove: Understanding Time, Money and Bitcoin from First Principles July 9, 2020
    Robert and Brady discuss the synthesis of Robert's bitcoin studies, based on the works of others, most importantly The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. This discussion seeks to evaluate bitcoin and money from first [email protected] on Twitter Citizen Bitcoin PodcastCitizen Bitcoin Layer One merch collectionBitcoiner's BestMusic: Moon in the Sky by HobotekLinks from the episode:Swan […]
  • Bitcoin & Co. - Chimezie Chuta: Light Up Africa With Bitcoin Nodes July 9, 2020
    "A lot of Nigerians are using Bitcoin. Majorly among the young population. Those between the age of 22 and 35-40 are deeply using Bitcoin", says Chimezie Chuta. He is a software developer, founder of blockchaingroup Nigeria and a Bitcoin user since 2015. With his "Spacebox" project he aims to put Africa on the map of […]
  • Bitcoin Audible - Masters and Slaves of Money - Part 2 [Robert Breedlove] July 8, 2020
    'œWhen we stop conceiving of central banking as an economics story, and start to see it as a crime story, we are beginning to get the true picture.' - Robert BreedloveThe epic conclusion of Breedlove's 'œMasters and Slaves of money,' and the inevitable Guy's Rant further exploring just how poisonous the corruption of our money […]
  • The Revival of Layer 1s is Near - Illia & Erik, NEAR Foundation, Ep. 106 July 8, 2020
    Can Layer 1s make a come back in a market obsessed with apps and DeFi? Illia Polosukhin (@ilblackdragon) and Erik Trautman (@ErikTrautman) of NEAR foundation join us this week in discussingWhy the tipping point for new Layer 1 is nowNEAR vs. Polkadot vs. ETH 2.0How to scale developer communities the right wayHow NEAR intends to […]
  • WBD234 - Is Apple Abusing its Monopoly Power? With David Heinemeier Hansson July 8, 2020
    New concerns have been raised around Apple's business model after the company rejected future updates for Basecamp's newly launched email app Hey. Apple initially approved the app, but then put it on hold '" meaning Basecamp couldn't submit any updates or bug fixes until it added an option for users to subscribe to Hey's service […]